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Call: 01273 573816
24 hour emergency number: 07747 753232

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5 Stars (Google)
I cant stress how amazing this firm are! Iv had representation by another firm for a family matter, they were horrific and left me feeling less that hopeful when I found myself needing another solicitor for this case.  Sarah was from start to finish pro active going above & beyond. Her knowledge & professionalism are on point at all times. this combined with her ball breaking, taking no prisoners attitude gives her an edge you will be grateful for when fighting your case. She did my case on legal aid which is a fraction of her private client fees and well below her worth. This only shows how passionate she is in her field & how much she cares about her clients. I will forever be grateful & indebted to Tildens & the amazing Sarah Smith.  You are an asset to Tildens Sarah & if I ever need legal representation again I will definitely look no further than Tildens.

CT - Parent Education Prosecution - West Sussex - May 2020 

I can't recommend Sarah and her team at TILDENS highly enough for helping us to achieve the best possible outcome for my son.  Following an allegation against my son, we were contacted by Social Services and the police for an "informal chat" with him to determine which course of action they were going to take.  We were rightly concerned about what this may lead to.  I contacted TILDENS at this time of huge worry and stress for some help and advice.  I was overwhelmed  by the support offered and am so pleased that I chose TILDENS.  Even outside of office hours I would receive replies to my messages and help when it was needed the most.  I am certain that had a member of TILDENS team not been present at the meeting, the outcome would have been very different.  They took control of the situation, putting my son at ease by ensuring he was fully aware of what to expect, and how to react with the knowledge that he was being supported. I am so grateful to TILDENS for helping our family to come through this.   This professionalism and compassion shown went way beyong our expectations. Thanks to all at TILDENS.
S - Youth/ Sexual Offences - Brighton Feb 2020

I was asked to have a voluntary interview with the police regarding a collision. I knew I needed legal advice and Tildens caught my attention. They responded quickly to my request and explained clearly the procedure with the police. I felt reassured from the moment Tildens took on my case, and at the police station, Samantha Greenwood, the solicitor quickly grasped the relevant details of the case. I would highly recommend Tildens as your legal representative and Tildens representation led to a successful outcome.
JR - Road Traffic - Brighton February 2020

5 stars (Google)
"Can’t recommend Tildens enough! Efficient, informative and insistent, Sarah Smith is amazing - the care and complete attention and support she gave was incredibly reassuring at a very vulnerable time for me. My case had been ongoing for the last year with me struggling to represent myself, then I called Sarah for advice and it was the best thing I have ever done . She had also contacted other people during her supporting me to make sure I could get the total support that I needed during my case! Within just months of contacting her I was acquitted . For this I will be forever thankful."
RP - Education Prosecution - West Sussex – Sept 2019

5 stars (Google)
"It is now just over a week since my sentencing and I’m at home writing this review. It could have been so very different - me sitting in a prison cell. More than two years ago I found myself self in a custody suite. I did not have legal representation as I thought I didn’t need it. After I did take legal advice from a large firm of solicitors as my court appearance was getting nearer and I hadn’t had any correspondence or meeting. I was concerned I contacted them to be told we would have a short meeting at the court on the day of my appearance. I was very concerned that I hadn’t been give any advice or what may happen as this was my first unfortunate brush with the law. With just a few weeks till my court appearance Sarah Smith at Tildens was recommended. A phone call to her office Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning a meeting with Sarah, and I cannot describe the feeling of relief at that meeting. And the confidence I had in her. Within 24 hours Sarah had made several appointments for me to do with the court appearance. Also at that first meeting Sarah explained the costs very clearly and arranged a barrister. In all I had three court appearances, and Sarah was there to advise and guide me through the process - of which I had no knowledge. On the last two court appearances the barrister was there as well as Sarah> It was a very stressful time for me and Sarah was absolutely brilliant at reassuring me, and the outcome was very much better than I expected. It could have been a custodial sentence but for the advice from the barrister and Sarah - extraordinary hard work and advice. I’m at home now and my family and friends can’t thank Sarah Smith enough. 
I can’t put into words how grateful I am. Many, many're a STAR."
SB –  Drug Supply - Brighton – Sept 2019

5 Stars (Google) -
"Super-efficient. We cannot recommend Sarah Smith and her team at Tildens highly enough. The firm were very friendly, highly efficient, effective and kept us up to date at all times with swift and excellent levels of communication."
RL - DV Assault - Eastbourne - July 2019

5 Stars (Google) - 

"I first contacted Tildens Solicitors after having to dismiss my previous solicitors at my sentencing at Crown Court.
I was previously using a larger firm in Brighton and Hove and felt that something was not right as the sentence and even the charges against me, were not what I’d discussed with them.  I had felt uneasy for a while as my case was very serious and had been going on for almost three years, yet I had seldom had contact with them and whenever contact was made, it was initiated by me.  Also, whenever contact was made, I was always passed from pillar to post and given contradicting information by different representatives.

After much frustration, my case was adjourned by the court to give me time to find new representation.  I scoured the internet and contacted many other large firms before stumbling upon Tildens’ website.  I was attracted by the fantastic reviews, the funky artwork and a profile of my solicitor, Sarah Smith.

After a brief conversation on the telephone, we met within two hours and I knew I had found the solicitor for me.  Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic but also direct.  During the very limited time I was given by the courts, Sarah spent more time with me and working on my case than the previous firm had in 3 years.  One evening Sarah and me spent at least 6 hours together going over my case in minute detail.

I was naïve to think that all solicitors pretty much do the same job, especially given that I was claiming Legal Aid and the financial incentives for the solicitor are a fraction of what is earned from a private client.

Sarah does not work in criminal law for its financial gain, she works to give her clients justice and the best defence possible.  After much discussion, Sarah hand picked me a London based barrister that she felt could assist me most effectively.  Myself, the barrister and Sarah worked together to get me the best possible outcome using their combined skill sets.

The sentence I received was one third, 1/3 of what I was expecting, and this is all thanks to Sarah.

The judicial system and the CPS can be very harsh and look to impose the maximum sentence upon a defendant if their representation is not the best it can be.

I learned today Sarah is coming to visit me in prison.  I see no reason for her to do so as the case is over and the outcome was so good that I have no reason to appeal, the only reason for her visit is that she cares about her clients.  If I had used Sarah from the beginning, I honestly believe I would not be sitting here today.  I found Sarah too late and my case was essentially damage limitation.

When looking for legal representation, don’t just go with your duty solicitor, research and speak with as many solicitors as possible.  Be sceptical, ask questions and find the right one for you.  It can make all the difference.  But my recommendation is Tildens Solicitor and Sarah Smith.

Thank you so much, myself and my family will be eternally grateful!"

W-  S18 GBH with intent/Aggravated Burglary - Brighton - July 2019

5 Starts (Google)
"First class service from start to finish! I took a chance, based on their reviews, that Tildens could help and they 100% didn’t let me down. If you are unsure which firm to choose then please don’t look anywhere else. Sarah Smith and her colleagues were stellar and dealt with a complex situation perfectly. A million thanks Tildens "
F- Attempted S18 GBH with intent - Liverpool - Nov 18

5 Stars (Google)
Best solicitors in Brighton hands down!
Sarah is very caring and tries very hard when it comes to giving you information on your case. Very professional and always there to answer any questions or help.
C - Drugs Importation - Brighton - Nov 18

5 Starts (Google)
"At I time of great need by family, I got a phone call from a duty solicitor, nothing strange about that if a member of your family is in bother with the boys in blue.
Except this was 1.30 in the morning and I talked with her for the best part of an hour. Full of positivity and reassurance.
She worked tirelessly, keeping in contact from start to finish, liaising with who ever was needed, ensuring we had brilliant counsel.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that she saved my sons life, through sheer dogged refusal to accept what we were being told to accept.
Thank you Tilsden.
But my heartfelt thank you to Sarah
If you need criminal defence, use Tilsden, and hopefully you will be lucky enough to have Sarah on your 

-CD - Attempted Murder - Brighton - Nov 18

5 Stars (Google)
Excellent Service....couldn't have received a more informative and friendly service. Highly recommended!!!
-DC-  Assault Brighton Oct 18

5 Stars (Google)
"If you want a solicitor who will handle your case with their complete, undivided attention and a consistent high level of care, seek out Sarah at Tildens. She works around the clock, tirelessly and is truly remarkable."
-JH - Attempted Murder - Brighton - Nov 18

5 Stars (Google)
"Tildens and Sarah have helped us consistently with a variety of cases and have been nothing short of brilliant. Always professional, empathic and are ahead of their time- their legal services are unparalleled in the area. Thank you."
E - Class A drug supply / Firearms  - Brighton 2018

5 Stars (Google)
I couldn't recommend this solicitors enough!
They were professional, friendly and very informative. I was talked through the whole process in my first phone call and came away reassured. Throughout my whole experience with the firm, I was emailed with updates and felt I could ask any questions. I felt supported and came away with the best possible outcome.
Thank you!

L - Youth - Assault - Brighton 2017

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